Haley Nicole Stevens

Haley Nicole Stevens

Director of Recruitment and Selection
Office 970-225-3472

Please contact me today (970-225-3472; haley.stevens@nm.com) to learn more about a career with Northwestern Mutual Fort Collins or Wyoming Offices.


Your career as a Financial Advisor can be summed up in three words:

Independence—You build your local business the way you want to—choosing your hours, your clients, and the financial specialties you want to pursue. You measure your success.

Income—Your compensation is not dictated by corporate guidelines or somebody else's opinion. Your own hard work and determination control it. Your earnings potential is virtually as unlimited as your energy, commitment and drive.

Impact—Your impact is lasting because as part of our team, you don't just sell products, you help identify your clients' financial goals and objectives and build relationships with your clients—relationships that often last a lifetime.

A career with Northwestern Mutual is unique—one that is as unique as you are. Why not see if you've got what it takes? We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information on a career with Northwestern Mutual, please contact Haley Stevens at (970) 225-3472 or haley.stevens@nm.com

FAQ's about making this Career

1) Is this just selling life insurance?

We are comprehensive financial planning and Risk Management is the foundation of every successful financial plan. We are a premier risk management company and a Top 10 Broker Dealer, allowing us to offer a variety of services to clients and never sacrificing quality. It's a lot like building a house: We can build a house but it requires a strong foundation for our clients to build their financial plans.


2) What kind of candidates are you looking for?

We select only 1 out of every 90 candidates and successful candidates referred to our firm are those who are entrepreneurial, Driven to lead, desire to impact others and possess perseverance to achieve the 'big picture'.


3) Is this straight commission?

It is and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Residual income means that you will be paid over time, which can build over time as you grow your client base.  This isn’t a transactional retail-type of commission where you sell a product, get paid for that one sale, and have to find another one.  The type of person we attract is one who is adept at building relationships because you’re compensated over the lifetime of that relationship.  We can discuss this more in depth when we get together.


4) I have no experience in this industry. What is the training?

First, let me put your fears to rest that our ideal candidate has to have industry experience. We have successful advisors from all walks of life, and what we actually look for are successful individuals who share our values and desire to have a profound impact on people in our community – the rest of it can be taught. Our job is to deliver you successfully into your fifth year, so our training is adapted to your business needs over those first years. Years 1-2, it’s very hands on to help you build the right habits and infrastructure early on. Years 2-5 are more consultative on our part, helping you grow your practice when you need that assistance. Our Top 125 training program is founded on our mission to develop you personally, professionally and financially. From day one, you are trained by and have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best advisors in our company through mentorship, joint work and coaching all focused on your unique communication style and development needs. Our initial and ongoing training is built around our proven business model called Client Building that provides a very clear structure and path for success. We are also highly committed to growth as a company and as an organization, so we provide ongoing opportunities to continue learning, developing and gaining credentials, based on the direction you choose for your career with us. Through your training, you’ll learn about the industry, our company, products, sales techniques, utilizing various communication styles, leveraging social media to build your network, and much more. As one of the Best Places to Launch a Career (Business Week, Sept 2009 Edition), Best Places to Sell For (Selling Power, Oct/Nov/Dec 2013), and Best Places to Work (Glassdoor.com, Dec 2013), we believe our training and development should equip you to continue that legacy.


5) Will Northwestern Mutual provide me with any leads?

We actually help you build your clientele because it allows you to work with the types of people and clients that you want to work with. This also allows you to take care of and work with the people you care about most in your life, rather than being assigned a list of cold calls or a territory. By doing business this way you are creating your footprint and building something bigger than yourself while you are growing your business. We focus on the relationship with clients because we live in a world where people want to be referred to their financial advisor and have a connection before they sit down and talk about their personal finances.


6) Why are you interested in someone with my background?

Someone with your background and track record of success is exactly who we are looking because of our world class training and support systems we can train you the knowledge you need to know to be successful at this career but we can’t change who you are. This is a great career for the right person at the right time.


7) What kind of growth opportunities are there?

There are several different types of growth opportunities at NM. Both with education and leadership. In terms of education in addition to all the training and support we provide we also partner with the American College to offer professional credentials such as the CFP® or a master’s in finance. We cover all of the cost and sponsorship these credentials. NM believes that if we can help you continue to learn then that will not only benefit you, but your clients. On the leadership side we have unlimited opportunities for growth because as we have the need to continue to grow as an organization we have to continue to grow great leaders. We only promote from within for any of our leadership positions. This allows us to ensure the people in mentoring and management positions have been there done that so if they are coaching and mentoring you they can truly relate to where you are at because they have been there. Our leadership allows for unlimited growth because through our LEAD program we help you determine what your passion is within leadership and help you build a unique plan to work toward it.


8) What are the benefits like?

They’re fantastic! Our reps get to plug into a 157 year company and take advantage of the discount that comes with such a large group for health, life, and disability insurance as well as a a retirement plan. Outside of the traditional benefits, we provide world class training (weekly and monthly coaching and mentoring) and support (SET team).  What’s unique about this opportunity is that you get to build your own financial services practice aligned with Northwestern Mutual without the traditional startup costs of owning your own business.  Again, we can discuss more in depth in a meeting.


10) Why Northwestern Mutual?

We are a mutual company, meaning we exist to serve others and put others first, namely our clients. Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest, to provide our clients with thorough and balanced planning for their entire picture and lives, and by operating that way from our CEO all the way down to college interns, we have earned numerous accolades from clients, our peers, analysts, etc. These include the industry’s highest financial strength ratings awarded to any life insurer, highest customer satisfaction scores, Top 50 Best Companies to Sell for Now (Selling Power, Oct/Nov/Dec 2013), Top 50 Places to Work (Glassdoor.com, Dec 2013) and Top 10 Independent Broker Dealer. Our business model is predicated on long-term client relationships, not transactional sales, giving us the ability to have impact far beyond ourselves. Our CEO was recently named in the Top five of Glassdoor’s annual “50 Highest Rated CEOs” report (2014), representing the counter-culture we stand for in today’s distrustful financial services climate – to work for a CEO and a company I don’t have to apologize for is something I value very highly. Can’t find that very often these days.



Northwestern Mutual financial representatives have the opportunity to determine their own financial futures while making an impact on others.

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