Haley Nicole Stevens

Haley Nicole Stevens

Director of Recruitment and Selection
Office 970-225-3472

Please contact me today (970-225-3472; haley.stevens@nm.com) to learn more about a career with Northwestern Mutual Fort Collins or Wyoming Offices.


 Northwestern Mutual -Searching for the Elite 15 Interns to join our Office

A Top 10 Internship Program*

If you have a driven spirit, want real-world business experience and are looking to make a difference in your community, then an internship with Northwestern Mutual Fort Collins is right for you.

In 2018 as a collective, Northwestern Mutual's financial representative internship program was recognized by Vault Guide to Internships (2018 edition) for 22 consecutive years as "Top 10" due to its mentorship and career advancement opportunities. But that's just the begining. A financial services internship with Northwestern Mutual Fort Collins also includes:

  • Practical guidance in your career selection process
  • The chance to develop networking and business relationship skills with the help of a mentor
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Securities registration and state licenses for life, health and accident insurance
  • Exceptional income opportunity, including commission & stipends, and the ability to receive recognition for your accomplishments
  • An opportunity to get a head start on a career as a financial representative (one in three interns at Northwestern Mutual choose to become full-time financial representatives)

*Vault Guide to Internships, 2018 Edition

Northwestern Mutual Fort Collins Internship Experience

Our internship program is more about developing people than selling products. You will go through several stages of training and development. Each phase has a specific purpose preparing you for a successful and rewarding internship experience. It will allow you to build a foundation of knowledge in the financial services industry, learning what it takes to be successful while sharpening your skills in communication and marketing to help build personal and professional self-confidence.

Once you have completed our top-notch training, you will work with specialists and full-time financial representatives to make recommendations to help clients achieve their short- and long-term financial goals. You will discover the rewards that come from helping others as you bring a full-service approach to your clients' needs and provide guidance and solutions that will have a positive impact for years to come.

As a year-round internship, you will generally work 15 to 20 hours per week during the school year and at least 40 hours per week in the summer. Along the way you will have mentoring support that goes beyond just supervision and business coaching that leads you to success. And, if you are looking for leadership roles, you can work toward a position as a College Unit Director or Team Captain, giving you a jump start on the leadership track.

Step into Opportunity Year-Round

Are you ready to build on your classroom learning and develop skills that you will use for a lifetime? We are currently looking for self-motivated, challenge seeking, coachable students looking to lead in the Fort Collins, Wyoming and Greeley area for our Spring training classes. Our rolling start to the internship means that our recruiting efforts are year round. Students will be working out of our Fort Collins office, with students and veteran advisors from Colorado and Wyoming, gaining world class experience.  

If you are ready to be your own boss, set your own hours and make a positive impact on people's lives every day, then turn your dreams into reality and find out what an internship as a College Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual Fort Collins can do for you, call our District Office Recruiter today - Haley Stevens at (970) 225-3472 or email a resume to haley.stevens@nm.com

Northwestern Mutual on Campus

Northwestern Mutual Fort Collins is actively recruiting students from Colorado and Wyoming colleges for our year-round internship.  We regularly participate in career and internship fairs, offer mock interviews and resume reviews and can bring intriguing presentations to your class or club. Among some of our more popular presentations are: 

  • Behavioral Based Interviews

  • Time Management
  • Building A Winning Resume

  • Navigating Your Leadership Path
  • Conducting An Effective Career Search

  • Networking and Your Personal Brand
  • Business Etiquette                            

* To schedule a presentation contact:

Jesse Jorgensen at (970) 225-3464 or email jesse.jorgensen@nm.com


Haley Stevens at (970) 225-3472 or email haley.stevens@nm.com


Career Fairs & On Campus Interviews

You will find us actively recruiting on many campuses throughout Colorado and Wyoming.  Our office recruits from the a variety of campuses including: Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, University of Northern Colorado, Front Range Community College, University of Colorado, Metropolitan State University, CU- Denver, University of Denver and Colorado School of Mines. We would like to meet you and introduce you to a career with meaning during one of our upcoming on campus visits.


Intern Stories

Chad D. McKinney

How did you hear about the internship and why did you choose to do it?

I heard about it through the College of Business, I received an email that they were looking for interns and I replied, got an interview, and here I am. I chose it because who in their right mindset coming out of college would turn down a top ten internship if the opportunity was given??

How long were you an intern? How did you balance it with school?

I interned the summer and fall program. Balancing it with 18 credits of school, I put everything into my schedule and diligently stuck with it. I didn’t have class Fridays so that was my “working” day.

What aspects of the internship grew you the most/ were your favorite/ still use today?

Every aspect puts a person out of their comfort zone, especially dialing. All you have to do is pick up the phone and have an adult conversation with the person on the other end. I look at each dial as handing the person a gift to receive my call because I am looking out for their family, not wanting their money like most other companies industry-wide. Factfinding is definitely my favorite aspect of what we do because it allows you have a have a very structured conversation with people, and then reassure them you can solve their problems with high quality solutions.

Why should college students today do the internship? What should they expect to gain from it? Advice for prospects?

Because there is not another company inside and out that will treat you like gold. From in network offices clear back in Milwaukee, Northwestern Mutual has everything you could ask for and then some. Expect to gain real world experience. Rather than getting coffee and making copies for your “boss”, you have control of your own destiny here. If the opportunity presents itself for you, do not ask any questions, simply say where do I sign?

How many years were you in each position you have had with the company to get where you are today? (positions and promotions)

I was an intern for a year and appointed Team Captain as part of that, and now am a full time rep.

What is your favorite part about your job now?

For me, this isn’t a job. It’s not my job to implement solutions for my clients, it is my job to help get them to their goals and aspirations through solutions I present. My favorite part is sharing with prospective clients what they will get out of their money with Northwestern Mutual backing it up.


Brian D. Campbell

How did you hear about the internship and why did you choose to do it?

I attended a career fair at CSU. I thought it was a bank or something. Even after attending a brief info session, I was a little confused on what the company did. Now I am forever grateful that Northwestern Mutual found me as this was never really on my radar while in school.

How long were you an intern? How did you balance it with school?

I started my internship in the summer of 2006 and continued the program through my senior year of college at CSU. I joined on a full-time basis upon graduation in May of 2007. Summer was a great experience as I enjoyed treating this as a full-time career. Balancing the internship with school was a challenge, but it was very helpful to have the momentum from the summer to carry me into the fall semester.

What aspects of the internship grew you the most/ were your favorite/ still use today?

I grew more professionally participating in this internship than any other experience at my time in CSU. For much of my life prior to the internship, most things came fairly easy to me whether it was school or athletics, etc. This internship was the first thing I had done that truly challenged me to grow and have courage outside of my comfort zone. I believe it was the challenging nature of this career that I found most attractive in determining whether or not to make this my career when leaving college.To this date, this is still the most challenging and rewarding thing I have participated in.

Why should college students today do the internship? What should they expect to gain from it? Advice for prospects?

College often is great at introducing you to the concepts of business, but it fails to give you the experience of learning how to put them in practice. An example of this was in the Financial Planning Concentration of the College of Business at CSU. I learned how to go about crafting financial plans and the concepts that are used,however, nowhere in my course of study was I ever taught how to go about efficiently and effectively building a client base to actually plan for. The concepts that college reps learn in growing their own client base are translatable into any business application. I have great relationships with former interns that chose not to pursue this as their career coming out of school, but invariably they state how they are amazed by how much of their experience at Northwestern prepared them for their current career.

How many years were you in each position you have had with the company to get where you are today? (positions and promotions)

I was an intern for 1 year, Financial Representative for 3 years, College Unit Director and Financial Advisor for 3 years, and now a Recruiting Field Director and Financial Advisor.

What is your favorite part about your job now?

I love what I do because of the legacy that I am able to help create. I feel that I am a part of something bigger than myself. This legacy is two-fold. First,I am creating a legacy with my clients by helping them protect, grow, and transition wealth that will last for many generation after we are gone.The second is that my personal legacy for me will be my family, and specifically my children. In this career, I never feel like I have to sacrifice time with my family to be successful, and vice versa. My work allows me to provide all of the time and resources for my family that I desire to give to them. Once again, although this was never on my radar as I was going through college, I consider myself truly blessed that Northwestern Mutual found me.



Northwestern Mutual financial representatives have the opportunity to determine their own financial futures while making an impact on others.

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